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Since 1998 we have provided practical training in accessible music skills for people working with very young children. Our courses introduce a range of approaches to music practice, theory and resources to provide joyful musical play in all settings. 


Courses have a specific focus in language development, cognitive skills and motor (physical) ability through creative and joyful musical play. The online option is ideal for flexible, affordable distance learning and enables time to try out new skills and the downloadable activities. A must for any national or overseas nursery group, these courses share footage examples of the significance that music can have in young children’s earliest development as well as engaging in music for music’s sake. 


Musicians, carers, educators, nannies and early years professionals working in the early years, who want to develop musical know-how to add to existing specialism or qualification. 

Practical training can take place at our school in West London or onsite. Inclusive of instrumental resources, visuals, literature and continued support. 


Check out our bespoke website: Music House Courses

Or get in touch directly via or telephone 020 8932 2652. 

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