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Since 1998 Music House for Children has delivered a range of practical training courses to the early years sector to enhance their skills in delivering musical activities to young children. Our courses introduces pedagogical and musical links and captures a range of approaches to music practice, theory and resources to instil accessible skills for the early years sector. Each course has a specific focus to provide students with the option to focus on one area to embed in existing qualification or skills in their work place. 


Students are given an insight to how music can assist in the process of language development, cognitive skills and developing motor (physical) ability through creative and joyful musical play. Practical courses provide resources and downloadable music to try in any early years setting, a full study sheet complete with suggested literature. The online option is ideal for flexible and affordable distance learning, affording time to try out new skills and the downloadable activities. A must for any national or overseas nursery group, these courses share footage examples of the significance that music can have in young children’s earliest development as well as engaging in music for music’s sake. 


People working in the early years, or with an interest in developing musical know-how as part of a qualification should consider this important skill to enhance young children’s musical learning and overall development. Music facilitates communication, social skills and a creative, enquiring mind. Our multi-sensory approach to early childhood learning provides students with moving with music, instrumental play, using familiar topics, storytelling and creative adventure. Our many playful and high quality resources are enjoyed in all courses with the option for distance learning if required. 


Courses can take place at your nursery site as a practical event, complete with our lovely resources, visuals and songs or at our school in Shepherd's Bush.


We do not have any training dates planned at the moment, please check again soon

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