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0-3 YRS

Interactive, music and instrumental play with families to nurture whole development

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Babies are intrinsically active in musical experiences long before singing, notation and instrumental play. It is not the words of a lullaby that helps babies to sleep, but the melody, the rhythm, repetition, phrases and emotional dynamics. With their loved ones a baby experiences moving, listening and shared emotional activities (dancing, swaying, peekaboo games). Musical stories capture a toddler’s adventures in baby-babble (sound making), moving to music and rhythmical sound exploration with various objects and instruments.  


Music House for Children’s teaching programmes encapsulate a rich and varied collection of activities to awaken and develop the whole child in its’ earliest years. By nurturing musical experiences with a parent, we assist with physical growth, intellectual and emotional confidence, social bonding and creative independence.


Semi-structured sessions involve moving, instrumental exploration, singing and listening time. Toddlers are encouraged to explore at their own pace. Other areas of development from regular musical experiences include language acquisition, psychological and physical strengthening and social skills.


Other wonderfully interactive activities include musical story-tales , concerts and special projects.


Regular and high quality music sessions can develop a lasting love of music, and build a rounded, creative confident child. Being aware of the very best that you can give your baby takes time. Your baby’s response is enough.  

Bring your babies along to our dedicated sessions in West London. Musical play, songs and dance activities delightfully engage babies and their loved adults. Live instruments, colourful resources and skilfully woven activities are a precursor to music appreciation. If you would like music sessions in your area, or pre-nursery setting, please contact us


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