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We have nurtured musical learning for 30 years. Our ethos encourages child-initiated learning through playful, creative multi-sensory music making. Our inspiration comes from Reggio Emilia,  Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and Zoltán Kodály, children and babies. Using moving, listening, looking and vocalising to learn, communicate and understand is at the core of our approach. Our pupils’ joyful responses tell us that we are doing something right.


Children compose, sing, play, learn new musical skills whilst simultaneously developing communicative and social skills. Our teaching programmes, musical workshops and storytelling events are inspired by the children we teach.


Our teachers love teaching. Together we explore new approaches to teach music, develop language and celebrate children’s strengths, whatever their need. We keep up-to-date with our colleagues around the world in the ever-changing shifts in music making.

Our school is a hive of teaching, learning, performing, with training and workshop opportunities for musicians and the early years sector. Our year-round workshops, lessons and performances combine humour with shared ideas and robust learning goals. We believe that music facilitates earliest development in communication, learning topics and nurturing life-skills. Our training courses provide resources, teaching programmes, songs and skills for the early years sector and educators.

Have a look at our case studies to see what young children can achieve through musical engagement. They include developing speech and language, and strengthening musical and other ability in young children with hearing impairment, autism and profound cognitive impairment.

We choose our teachers and partners because they care about children and music. We are passionate about creative learning and working collaboratively with families, children and professionals. Many former teachers continue to endorse our work around the UK and further afield.

Our aim for the next 30 years? To carry on!

The story so far...

What Clients Say

"Music House was a favourite of our 2 boys when they were tiny. They're now doing GCSE and A-Level music... so the love of music sown by MHFC has well and truly paid off... a gift for life"
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