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"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" 

Bespoke projects and case studies confirm the importance of music to children and to those with additional needs 

Find out more about our projects supported by external funders

We deliver music and mulit-arts projects to groups to show how music impacts on children’s earliest development as well as nurture attachment in families as a whole. Some of our projects are documented here. 

Hammersmith & Fulham


We are delighted to confirm that Fast Track (Hammersmith & Fulham) has generously supported Music House for Children to host Little Birdsong Concerts specially for our communities. 

 This will provide opportunities for families to enjoy performances by our brilliant musicians that will be available online and as a live event once restrictions are lifted.  Young children and their families will be able to listen, dance and sing along with our musicians to a range of quirky, much loved songs and traditional pieces.

Community fund


The generous support of the TNL Community fund is to thank for enabling us to provide a brand new podcast specially for young children called Once Upon a Song. 

Once Upon a Song will be all about sharing musical tales, loved songs and rhymes transformed into miniature stories with instruments, song and quirky sounds to bring families and young children – particularly those with language delay and autism together in joyful, musical play. Much needed in these difficult times.  

With just a phone or link to the podcast App, Once Upon a Song will feature special guests with an average age of 3 and their family. Guests will be invited from around our local communities so as to enable parents, carers, grandparents, siblings and friends to listen and join in with musical tales told by Emma Hutchinson, Founder & Director of Music House for Children, and guests.

Once Upon a Song will be launched in early April. Look out for further information on Music House for Children’s website! We will have a special designated page to to keep you updated. 


With thanks to the Big Lottery Fund, Awards For All, we offered weekly, interactive multi-arts sessions for children with emerging and diagnosed additional needs, to assist with life-skills, language and learning.​

Big lottery fund

Images and videos of previous funding projects

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