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Nurturing sociable instrumental learning 


Using a long-standing framework for keyboard learning our pupils learn to incorporate technique with learning creative composition, singing and notation. Many genres and styles are explored including classical, jazz, pop and blues. Lessons develop each child's understanding of notation, rhythm, technical dexterity and composition. Sight-reading and aural training run alongside a repertoire of pieces each term. Our annual concerts celebrate every pupil’s achievement with performances on our Boston Steinway grand piano.






Our guitarists learn from a structured framework involving posture, technique and repertoire. Units such as strumming, plucking and developing compositional skills are enjoyed with a wide range of genres, songs and special compositions. The guitar groups perform together regularly, and enjoying singing too!


In small groups, we begin to develop our pupils' skills in more depth by exploring formal techniques. They include plucking, bowing, posture and cross-bridge playing. Children are encouraged to listen and perform to each other, as well as to play along with the music teacher. Aural and sight-reading exercises given each week prepare our young musicians for later experiences with orchestral groups. As with other groups all pupils perform in an annual concert.


These bright, cheerful instruments are the most perfect small string instruments for children to enjoy learning music in their earliest stages. With a similar framework to guitar tuition pupils learn to strum, pluck, sing along, play together and perform to each other. 



Whilst we do not actively promote graded examinations we can support pupils with additional lessons such as theory or aural training. Graded examinations are at the consideration and request by parents and teachers with applications or information sourced as a separate requirement to Music House for Children.


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