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Our teachers are specialists in their instruments. Posture, technique and note-learning embrace aesthetic appreciation of different styles.

Children may prefer to have instrumental or singing lessons at home. Since 1994 we have supported a huge range of music provision with our delightful, qualified music teachers. Careful and detailed registration helps us to place the best teacher with your child including those with additional needs. Whilst we do not provide music therapy, our teachers help to achieve musical objectives by working to every child’s strengths.


Every June we invite our pupils from all over London to perform at our concert hall.  This experience provides families with the chance to see how their children are progressing. Performance is a critical key to developing a child’s confidence, independence and creative reflection in instrumental learning. 

Lessons start at £26 for 30mins. 

Our teachers are chosen for their unique ability to bring out children’s musicality. Different musical styles taught include classical music, musical theatre, rock and jazz. Our 70+ teachers teach in homes, schools and nursery settings. Every teacher is interviewed with references and DBS applications checked.​

Whilst we do not actively promote graded examinations we can support pupils with additional lessons such as theory or aural training. Graded examinations are at the consideration and request by parents and teachers with applications or information sourced as a separate requirement to Music House for Children.


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