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Former Teachers

"This experience sparked a life-long passion for working with young children"

"Thank you also for everything you have done for me here at the Music House for Children.  I have learned so much and I always felt supported at your lovely school."

Over the last two decades we are proud to have nurtured, supported and trained many of our music teachers in delivering early childhood music classes and workshops Notably, many former teachers have gone on to pursue independent careers in the early years sector thus, highlighting the positive and important impact that music has on communication, life skills, and overall learning. 

Working together as a collective voice confirms a powerful message – that early years music should be made available for all children so as to give them the best start in life, and to sustain learning and development of independence throughout their primary years. 

 Here are just a few of our talented, former, and extended team:

Adelaide Carlow

Adelaide Carlow

Ash Tree Music

It is always evident that a song or voice or moment has an immediate impact on a young child's life in a very present sense. What is less evident then but amazing to think of, is that these moments/songs/sounds will have an impact on their whole life in whatever form it takes. What a joyful, simple start: communicating through song, music and action, knowing it is the best way to help children have fun, to connect, and to express themselves.


Adrian Mendonca

Adrian is an experienced, versatile and highly motivated musician and music educator. His early career included redeveloping the curriculum and raising the overall standard of music at The Mercedes Benz international School in Maharashtra, India.


Post university studies he came to Music House for Children as a music co-ordinator before moving swiftly into a senior role as Education Manager. Adrian was responsible for editing the Music in early childhood document to support early years music educators. His tireless energy as teacher, workshop facilitator, lesson planning and shaping our resources has been a consistent asset to the life of the school. He moved onto a new role as music and geography teacher at the Beacon Multi-Academy Trust. 

Alys Jones

Alys Jones
French Horn / Singer / Early years

Alys is from South Wales and graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2018. She is now freelancing across the UK, enjoying a varied career of performing and educating, as well as being a student of Jonathan Lipton.


Whilst studying, Alys was a member of the National Youth Orchestra and Wind Orchestra of Wales and the European Union Youth Wind Orchestra, performing across Europe, whilst studying with Tim Thorpe, Angus West and Anneke Scott (Natural Horn).


Alys is also an accomplished singer and Early Years practitioner. Since graduating, Alys has been a finalist in the Charlton House Lyrical Brass Competition, and has undertaken tours and workshops with the Berkeley Ensemble and Opera Holloway, among others.


She has performed with Welsh National Opera, Opera North, the British Sinfonietta and regularly performs with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra, where she can be heard playing on the album ‘Lucie Jones: Live at the Adelphi’. Alys was most recently the chair holder for ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Dominion Theatre in December 2020. She is currently studying for a Masters in Music Education at University College London, specialising in SEND and the Early Years.


Anastasia Nikiforova

Anastasia Nikiforova is an experienced Early Childhood Music Teacher, pianist, songwriter, composer and music educator who is passionate about sharing the joy of music with children and families! She has Music Together teacher training which is built on research of early childhood and music development. 

She loves teaching music classes for babies and toddlers because it is a wonderfully rewarding exchange and discovery through music. She has taught music classes in Switzerland and here in UK in numerous programs and kindergartens with her main focus being on nurturing musicality and other areas of learning in early childhood. 

Anastasia (aka Nikki Forova) was born in Ukraine and was trained as a classical pianist at 7 years old. She enjoys her career as a singer-songwriter and composer. She received a Bachelor in Music Composition and Songwriting in USA. She is very passionate about writing music and lyrics, orchestrating, and sharing music through live performances. Having recorded and released three albums, Anastasia has toured around the world several times since 2010 bringing music to people from many walks of life. Anastasia's compositions has been used in several films, school and dance companies public performances in London, UK and in US. 


Ariane Zandi

Ariane trained at the Royal College of Music with Melissa Phelps. She is due to begin her MA in Music Education at University College London in September.


A passionate educator, Ariane founded 'The David Ferguson Memorial Prize' and is the Director of the 'All Things Cello' courses. She currently teaches for Music House, Walthamstow Music Service and Ealing Junior Music School where she also conducts the Elementary String Ensemble. Ariane is also Lead Ambassador for the Benedetti Foundation and has a private teaching practice too.


Ariane whole-heartedly believes that music education should be accessible to all.


As a performer, she is a member of the Chineke! orchestra and Le Gateau Chocolat's Cocoa Orchestra, having also worked with the House and Garage Orchestra as well as performing recitals across London. She has been the recipient of several awards including The Director's Award (Junior Guildhall), the Jacqueline Ward Award (RCM) and most recently, 3rd Prize in the International Gustav Mahler Cello Competition. 


Camilla Merchant

As a keen orchestral player with a wealth of performing experience, I work as a freelance musician and teacher. I have played with numerous orchestras, and as a flautist worked as principle flute in the RAM Symphony Orchestra. I continue to perform regularly with my chamber group the Njord Trio as well as juggle my career as a teacher with Music House for Children.


I teach a wide range of ages and abilities, including at Kings College London and Music House for Children. Many of my pupils have achieved high grades in exams, from beginner up to degree level.


Cedric Cosendey

I am a Swiss singer, guitar player & songwriter, specialising in rock & metal, with a background in every style. I have taught at Music House For Children since 2015.

Having learnt Classical guitar, I turned to electric guitar, forming a rock cover band in Geneva. In 2001 I studied guitar & Vocals at BIMM (formally Tech Music School).

 Charlotte Leng

Charlotte worked with the Music House team from 2001 to mid-2004, early on in her teaching career, as a piano and violin teacher. During this time, she was given the opportunity to train with Emma Hutchinson to become an Early Years Music Specialist.


Emma’s training and mentoring programme equipped Charlotte with a unique programme, repertoire and skills, which she was able to bring to a number of nursery school settings across Central and West London as their visiting teacher. This experience sparked in Charlotte a life-long passion for working with young children and a desire to deepen her understanding of child development and the enormous impact that teaching music through movement can have on the young child.


Charlotte is currently an Early Years and Primary Music Specialist at The British International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where Charlotte has been able to help develop the music curriculum and instrumental programmes throughout EYFS and the Primary school. She is also pursuing her studies in the field of Dalcroze.


Erin Robinson
Violin / Piano

I am a composer and performer from London and recently graduated from the University of York with a 1st class degree in music and am currently doing my MA in composition. My main instrument is the violin, but I also play the piano, saxophone and sing.


As a child, I played in several youth orchestras in London including the Barbican Young Orchestra in which I was conducted by the likes of Sir Colin Davis and Simon Rattle. I love everything to do with arts and culture - you can normally find me at the theatre or at a contemporary art gallery!


My own work is based in electronic sound art with participatory and visual elements and I have had several pieces and installations performed at festivals around the UK including the recent Make More festival in London.


I have been teaching for a number of years and have experience with one on one instrumental and whole class musical skills teaching. I have only recently started working with Music House for Children, but I love all their outlook on music education through creativity for children of all ages!

Ella Emery_edited.jpg

Ella Emery
Ukulele | Piano | Early Years | Flute | SEN

I graduated with a first class honours degree in Music in 2013 and have since been working with children and adults with Autism, learning disabilities and dementia. Music is an excellent way of communicating and I believe learning an instrument or engaging in music opens up this opportunity.


My first study is the flute and I play a lot of improvised music with small ensembles. Continuing my own musical journey, I trained as a Music Therapist. I am passionate about giving my students well-rounded musicianship: playing, listening, reading music and making their own music. This can be at any level, you're never too young or too old to start!


I started working with Music House for Children in September 2018 and enjoyed the playfulness of the lessons.


Essa Flett
Violin | Viola | Recorder | Piano | Cello | Guitar | Percussion | SEN | Early Years

From Scotland, I moved to London to study Classical recorder at the Guildhall. My BMus was completed in 2017 and I am now a freelance teacher and musician who also loves performing with folk bands, and as a solo artist.


I have been involved in community music groups since an early age, and began teaching at Music House for Children in 2017. The staff work with a great amount of enthusiasm, good humour and professionalism. The children are always put first and every single music session is planned with careful consideration, genuine interest and investment in the material that will be taught and shared.


In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, watching films and drawing cartoons.

One of my favourite teaching moments was when a violin pupil of mine, one who really struggled overall, wanted to learn Jingle Bells. After weeks of working hard he played it all the way through in front of his Mum and sister and everyone cheered! His triumphant face was a really wonderful thing to see and spurs me on.

 Hannah Elliott (Reid)

Hannah Elliott (Reid)

Hi everyone. My name is Hannah Elliott (Reid) and I am a music educator from Australia now residing in LA.


I moved to London in 2002 and began working at Music House for Children in early 2003. My skill set up until that point was in private instrumental teaching predominantly on the Flute and Piano. Whilst I was at Music House for Children I was trained as a Music and Movement instructor for early childhood music education. I worked with children from 1-4 years old and my lessons catered for all levels within that age group.


I really enjoyed working in early childhood music education and felt myself grow as a teacher under the supportive and watchful eye of Emma Hutchinson. I also began to teach keyboard in small groups so I feel my skills as an educator grew even more as I managed groups of children of differing ages and levels and helped them improve their playing week by week.


I highly recommend Music House for Children to anyone looking to further their child's musical experiences. As employers, they were organised, professional and very supportive of their staff and their development as a teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years working there. Thank you!


Imogen Royce

I am flautist studying at the Royal College of Music. I grew up in a very musical family in Manchester; my mum is a violinist in the Halle Orchestra, my dad is an ex-opera singer and my sister is a freelance violinist! So I chose to be different by learning the flute when I was 9.

I started working for Music House for Children in 2017, through a friend's recommendation. I love working for MHfC because it's always great to see and encourage other people's joy for music. It's such a rewarding experience to feel like you've helped another person in any way, and for me helping people to learn and enjoy music is doubly rewarding!

Apart from music I love to bake, read and travel. I occasionally enjoy exercising but it's always a bit of a push!

 Itamar Rashkovsky

Itamar Rashkovsky

Having returned to London after the completion of my studies, I worked as a Data Analyst and freelance Violinist and soon began teaching at Music House for Children in 2019.  


After my first conversation with Emma Hutchinson (the school's Founder and Director), I immediately knew that I wanted to work with Music House for Children. I was irresistibly attracted to the school's passionate culture and its flourishing educational environment. 


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with a number of children of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds. What has really stuck with me is their common desire to learn and their innate curiosity about violin playing and music-making. Their determination and commitment at such a young age are exceptionally rare and it has been sincerely heart-warming to be able to guide their progress and hard work. 


I'd like to thank Emma Hutchinson, Adrian Mendonca and the rest of the team at Music House for Children. It's been a joy to work together and I can't praise enough all of your hard work and the tremendous impact that it has on the children, local community and the future of music.


Joanna Patrick
Violin | Viola | Piano | Voice | Early Years

I am a West London-based musician from Surrey, and started teaching the Violin and Piano at Music House for Children in 2017. I am an active orchestral and chamber musician and have played the Viola in the UK and across Europe, appearing with orchestras and ensembles including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Swan and the period group Ensemble Parnasso in Festa. I love teaching people of all ages and have had students aged between 3 and 70! One of my very young students thinks the violin is “the best thing ever!”

I provide one-to-one Violin tuition as well as Early Years Music Appreciation with Violin and Piano at the Music House.


Johanna Bernard
Violin | Piano

I have always been blessed with excellent music teachers from the moment I started receiving private lessons. First came the piano at age 5 and two years later the violin which has now been the complete focus of my life since I was 16. Every single teacher I’ve had has shaped me into the musician I am today and I am very aware of the role I could potentially play in my student’s lives therefore, whether they choose to pursue music further or not. My training was classical until I changed to jazz at 18 and opened up a whole range of other techniques and influences to my playing.


Originally from Germany, I came to the UK at 16 to go to Wells Cathedral School as a Specialist Musician for Sixth Form. After two years off in Berlin between school and university I moved to London to study jazz violin undergrad at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where I finished my degree in 2017.


I believe that a good technical foundation is crucial but I understand it can be frustrating especially for children to work on that so I try to always find pieces my students are really passionate about to keep the interest in music alive and avoid making learning an instrument another chore.


Jessica Barrett

From South London, Jess formally worked as a part time music teacher for a London primary school. As a multi-instrumentalist with a wonderful singing voice Jess taught music across the different ages, with a special interest in the early years. Her early work facilitated a rapid rise to full time music co-ordinator with Music House for Children. This role entailed managing all group provision, teaching a range of baby and early childhood classes - music appreciation, group instrumental appreciation and coordinating other teachers. 


Jess’s valuable input to all musical storytelling workshops was imbued with flair, enormous smiles and humour!  Jess left as a consequence of starting her own family. 


Kirsty Keogh

I am a music educator and singer/songwriter working across London.


I grew up in Tasmania before moving to Perth, Western Australia to study music and composition. I found myself on a mixed path as a musician and performer specialising in guitar and voice and as a music educator with a focus on working with children and young people with special educational needs (SEN).


Laura Chiorean
The Music Barn

Originally from Romania, after living in London for the past six years I've come to call my small house in South East my home. I started working at the Music House for Children around the same time that I settled in London and five years down the line I'm still here every Thursday and Saturday.


I graduated my violin studies with Artist Diploma in Romania. I am currently studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London in an Opera course. I've been teaching violin and piano for the past ten years recently adding to my list teaching singing.


The special thing about the Music House for Children is the friendly atmosphere, where no matter where you come from or what your social status is you're always welcomed with open arms and supported into a long musical journey.

My favourite age to start an instrument is four years old. Though some might think it is too early, through play and with a lot of patience one of my early starters has recently been accepted at Trinity Laban's Junior Department where she regularly performs in the orchestra and solo. But perhaps the biggest success of all is seeing that twinkle in a child's eye when they know they've done that song, that bothered them last week, very well. Nothing is more special than the pleased grin on their little faces.


Lily Hope
Cello | Early Years | SEN

I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who grew up and learnt to play the cello in Birmingham and London. I have had the experience of teaching in many scenarios over a number of years, but still find each lesson to be new and exciting. I have played all kinds of music during my career, from symphonies to musicals, operas to pop and contemporary music - but my favourite thing to play is chamber music with my string quartet.


When I’m not making music I like exploring nature, discovering London’s secrets, or staying at home with my pets!

 Maddie Thiele

Maddie Thiele

Maddie Thiele is an Australian Educator, Performer, Writer and Musician. In August 2017 Maddie joined Music House for Children in order to work alongside the vivacious Emma Hutchinson. Maddie brought to the role of Education Manager, her five-year Australian experience in early years music education.

At Music House for Children, Maddie taught Music and Movement, Music Appreciation and Piano Appreciation classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers respectively. Maddie also delivered musical storytelling workshops and assisted in the development of the school holiday program. Maddie loved her time with Music House for Children, where children’s development of language, life skills and musical education are of the highest priority, and where accordingly she was given the freedom to tackle diverse projects big and small.

The unique, playful approach that Music House for Children delivers to young children and those with additional needs, has inspired Maddie to pursue further studies in Education, particularly in the Early Years. In the spirit of building a strong community where music educators can have a universal impact on children’s bright futures globally, Maddie continues her relationship with Music House for Children back in Australia.


Maite Colás
Viola | Violin

I was born in 1993 in Vitoria, in the Basque Country region of Spain. I commenced learning music at the age of 7 – I started playing a traditional wind instrument from my region called txistu- and began studying viola when I was 8.


I really enjoy playing in a orchestra and I’ve had the chance of playing in different ones since I was little. It is especially fun when I get to travel to do concerts, but what I enjoy the most is playing in small ensembles and performing chamber music. I also enjoy playing in a quartet (formed by two violins, myself and a cello). Apart from classical music, I also enjoy playing other music styles, such as the folk music from where I come from.

In July 2017, I graduated from my Master of Arts at the Royal Academy of Music, where I studied with the violist Jon Thorne. This time in London has been very enriching for me as a musician and a teacher and I am willing to share all the knowledge and passion for music with the students from Music House for Children.

Manuela Carillo

Manuela Carillo

The Music House is not only a school for children, but it is also a life academy for anyone who loves early childhood education and wants to soar as an early years music practitioner. Through training, high-quality resources, comprehensive repertoire and being part of an active community, my experience as education coordinator and in-house music teacher at the Music House for Children gave me the tools to pursue confidently this path sharing songs, games, and joy with young children through music.


Maria Hernandez
Piano | Voice | Recorder

I am a piano and singing teacher, singer, songwriter and a dancer from Spain, where I toured as a professional singer from the age of 16.


At the age of 14, I won "The English Key" prize singing "When You Believe" by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston on Cantamania (Salou, TV3). I attended Aula Musics (Liceu of Barcelona) to study the professional degree of jazz and blues, the Conservatoire of Tarragona to study classical music, Acción-Escena School of Actors of Madrid to study a professional course of Musical Theatre and BIMM London to study BA Creative Musicianship. I have performed as an established solo artist (Maria Moss) around Spain, UK and the USA and have collaborated with many artists, DJs and producers like Ariel Style, DJ Shakey and Arthur Sammett. 

My teaching career started when I was 10 years old (yes, it is true) as a dancing teacher for children from 4 to 18 years old. Later, I became a singing, piano and music theory teacher. Alongside performing live on a regular basis, I have built up seven years of teaching experience.


I currently tutor singing, piano and music theory to children, teenagers and adults looking to develop their talent and instrument technique. I balance my teaching role with studies, a busy performance schedule and songwriting.


I love teaching at Music House for Children because I can pass on my enthusiasm and love for music to the younger generation. I am very happy to see my students grow up and become better musicians. My lessons, songs and performances are filled with my characteristic personality and my calling for happiness, love and empowerment. 


Michael Howard

From North West England I moved to London in 2010. I have about 30 years teaching and performing experience, and enjoy working with a variety of people from different backgrounds and abilities. I started teaching for Music House for Children in 2016. I have gained particular enjoyment from watching my pupils develop. In many instances performing in front of an audience for the first time.


Aside from music, I enjoy reading, walking, weight-training and doing crosswords/puzzles.

 Rosalie Bevan

Rosalie Bevan

Community Musicians

The excellent training I received from the Music House for Children has stood me in good stead for the various musical projects I have embarked on over the years. I am currently a workshop facilitator leading music sessions in care homes for adults with profound and multiple physical and learning disabilities, as well as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental tutor teaching privately and in schools.


Starting out as an Early Years music leader at the Music House, I took part in regular Early Years music training sessions and an introduction to music with SEN. I applied the techniques I learnt in the 'Music in Silence' project with Emma, learning to leave moments of silence in musical games and songs to enable spontaneous response and interaction from the young participants, many of whom had additional needs. From these valuable experiences at The Music House I have learnt to shape my own interactive music workshops as part of a collective called Community Musicians, to engage with and adapt to a variety of abilities and needs, building strong relationships through musical interaction with all my music-makers.


For more information on interactive, fun and stimulating music sessions in care homes and day centres,

 Rhian Fox

One of my favourite things while working with Music House was the early childhood music teaching that I did. I taught in-house Baby and Toddler Music Groups and Music Appreciation classes for 3-5s and also went into Nursery Schools around London to teach group music sessions.


While working for the Music House, I had the opportunity to do lots of in-house training with the wonderful Emma Hutchinson and also went out to lots of exciting Early Years music training courses around London.


Currently, I run my own Baby and Toddler Music Groups in Notting Hill as well as teaching piano, guitar and singing to older children.

 Ruth McElvanney

Ruth McElvanney

I worked with the Music House from 2015-2018, teaching in several different nurseries settings across London as well as teaching group violin appreciation classes at the center. I received fantastic training and support from Emma and was inspired to develop my skills further and am now training to become a Music Therapist at Nordoff Robbins.

Sofia Wilde

Sofia Wilde

My first meeting with Emma came in fact after a shift at Bush Hall Bar! I was already working as a freelance piano and singing teacher, but I was also interested in working in Early Years music education. Emma’s passion for it was so infectious that I started training with her soon after. I went on to teach Baby & Toddler Music, and Music Appreciation sessions both at The Music House and at several homes and nursery schools across West London.


Teaching early years music has brought me so much joy and fulfillment, and whilst it’s no longer my main area of work, I continue to teach a couple of classes local to me. I am sure I will continue to enjoy teaching for many more years to come, and for that, I am extremely grateful for the training I received at The Music House for Children.


Stefania Morosini
Voice | Piano

I am a versatile, lead and ensemble vocalist, and piano and singing tutor. I achieved two university degrees in Education, psychology and popular music performance. My career as a performer and teacher is extensive, in addition to my work as a founding member of the all female vocal ensemble ProVoc.


I started working with Music House for Children in 2016. I love the ethos and quality of this school and have worked with some of the brightest students there.

Funny stories? A student once thought I was 12 years old! When I am not singing or teaching, I love travelling, going to the movies, reading and going for quiet walks around the city!


Stephanie McClain
Early Years | Voice | Ukulele

I am a professional vocalist and ukulele player providing music sessions around greater London. I studied at the Academy of Music and Sound Glasgow where I achieved BA (Hons) Degree in Performance Industries.


My aim is to teach music classes to early years or older children to provide introduction to music and encourage confidence. I am a first study vocalist and also play ukulele, guitar and am learning how to play the piano. I regularly perform in for a choir called Wimbledon Choral Society and enjoy performing around open mic nights in my spare time.

 Steve Barbe

Steve Barbe

I have been a community musician since 1995. I worked with Music House for Children as an early years facilitator, developing new skills from regular training events, and implementing existing skills in a number of weekly classes, early years projects and workshops.


Recent work has included music with storytelling with Library Presents through Babylon Arts in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, working with children of early years and their parents. I also provide music and movement for babies and parents with Dancing Ducklings in Lewisham.


In addition to Music House for Children previous early years work has been through a multitude of organisations such as City Lit, Bromley Arts Development Team, Child and Sound, POD, and Magic Eye Theatre (NPV Arts aka New Peckham Varieties, now Theatre Peckham) and recently. For a number of years I ran a "Tiddlers" session for pre-school children and parents/carers once a month at Christchurch on Barry Road, Southwark. This has all involved work with children of all ages from babies upwards. 


I continue in the same vein, together with other music projects and collaborations with like-minded musicians and educators.


Susannah Evans
Harp | Piano | Early Years

I am a classically trained harpist with a love of Latin and jazz. I studied at the Federal University in Rio, Brazil in 2013 with Cristina Braga and released my debut album, Dreams Rising in April 2014, a collection of Latin American songs in collaboration with Brazilian artists.


I love working with children and am passionate about the arts and education. I have been involved in teaching performing arts and harp for over 10 years and have taught in nurseries for The Music House as well as private teaching since 2016.  I love to help nurture children’s creativity and have fun whilst learning. I incorporate my knowledge of the Dalcroze method in the lessons. As well as teaching harp technique, I like to encourage playing by ear and improvisation. I aim to help each child develop their own musicality and become confident and well-rounded harpists.


My piano teaching philosophy is based on finding different ways to guide my students reaching their goals building confident individuals secure in their abilities.  


Teresa Wrann
Recorder | Voice | Early Years

I was born in Thüringen, a little village in the middle of the Austrian alps. I graduated with distinction from my BMus in Recorder and Music Education and currently studying for my master’s at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

I am passionate about offering every child a chance to make their first musical steps and experience the joy music can bring. Music is a wonderful way of communicating with each other and offers opportunities for every child to feel included.

I started teaching at the Music House for Children in July 2017 and have previously worked as a recorder and early years music teacher in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


I have performed as a soloist and with various ensembles and baroque orchestras around Europe.


Besides teaching and performing, I am passionate about cooking, dancing, languages and different cultures and I love to travel.

My favourite teaching moment was when I taught a key stage 2 class a song from the Wizard of Oz during my placement there and they performed it for me when I came back to visit them.


Valentina Marciano
Piano | Voice | SEN | Early Years

I am a professionally trained singer, dancer and Musical Theatre performer with experience as a teacher. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Turin University in Modern Literature and Language and a Diploma at Professione Musical Italia Academy in Musical Theatre, I decided to extend my music skills studying as a Music Therapist with AIM (MT Association Italy).

In London I attended a harmony short course at Nordoff-Robbins Centre and took a Certification as a Community Music Teacher at City and Guilds.

My skills include singing, piano, ukulele along with music pedagogical abilities specifically addressed to children.

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