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Mini Treasure Bag

Mini Treasure Bag


A smaller version of our Treasure Bag! Containing 11 instruments that are perfect for smaller nursery settings, children’s centres, SENCO units and home use. The instruments have been chosen for their variety and dexterity in sound and touch. A complimentary booklet provides new ideas to engage young children, in particularly with supporting language development and sociable play.


Children under 3 years must be supervised. Instruments are not toys.

  • What's included?

    Little Birdsong Music Cards

    1. Mini Djembe (Medium)

    2. Maraca (Large)

    3. Wind Chime 

    4. Pangi Shaker

    5. Bento Shaker

    6. Caxixi

    7. Guiro 

    8. Egg shaker (Large)

    9. Claves 

    Depending on stocks available we may need to make adjustments from time to time. However the quality and value for money will always be reflected in any changes.

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