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Nurturing musical understanding through notation, colourful visuals, instruments and moving'


Music Appreciation 3 - 4 Yrs
Bring your 3 – 4 year olds along to termly music lessons at our school. Pre-school ages develop earliest musical comprehension through a range of thoughtfully woven music activities, visual resources, a range of instruments (un-tuned and tuned), musical games and notation flash cards. As a pre-curser to instrumental lessons, music appreciation classes nurture imaginative musical play whilst embedding a thorough understanding of how music works. 

Piano Appreciation 4-5 Yrs
Small group piano lessons develop children’s musical curiosity. Using our own songs with notated flash cards and skilful piano technique, our group lessons are an introduction to reading music. 

Instrumental Appreciation 4-5 Yrs

Using a creatively structured framework that nurtures all aspects of learning string instruments such as violin and ukulele with an introduction to piano. Musical games are weaved into aural notation, posture and instrumental technique. 

Piano Appreciation 4-5 Yrs
 Music Appreciation 3 - 4 Yrs
Instrumental Appreciation 4-5 Yrs
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