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Treasure Basket

Treasure Basket


This magical instrumental collection was redesigned and improved by the Music House for Children school as part of Music House Resources 'Little Birdsong Collection'. The treasure basket is perfect for nursery settings, children’s centres, SENCO units and home use. The instruments have been chosen for their variety and dexterity in sound and touch. The treasure basket comes with a beautiful cd containing lots of songs and musical activities for children to enjoy. A complimentary booklet provides new ideas to engage young children, in particularly with supporting language development and sociable play


Children under 3 years must be supervised.

  • What do I contain?

    All instruments can be enjoyed independently or as a group. If your child is a toddler we do advise supervision and ask parents/carers to encourage a sensible respect for these real instruments. The list includes: 


    Little Birdsong Basket

    Animal tambourine 

    Bento shaker 

    Caxixi shaker 


    Djembe - 2” diameter, 12cm high 

    Djembe - 3” diameter, 15cm high 

    Maraca - 5cm small

    Maraca 7cm  medium 

    Egg shaker 7cm medium x2

    Guiro - 11cm 

    Heart shaker x2

    Pad shaker - medium x2

    Pangi shaker 

    Tik tok 

    Claves - pair x3

    Little Birdsong CD

    Little Birdsong Music Cards


    Depending on stocks available we may need to make adjustments from time to time. However the quality and value for money will always be reflected in any changes.

  • How am I made?

    All our instruments, and the baskets, are made in Bali using natural and local materials. Most are made to our designs in local villages where they create a useful source of income for families and a low stress, clean and safe type of work.


    The beautiful and sturdy baskets are woven by hand from bamboo fibres and are traditionally used by Balinese artists, musicians and dancers for carrying their costumes and materials.

  • How to look after me.

    None of the instruments need any special maintenance. Just be careful not to let the basket and contents get damp and don't put it on radiator or anywhere too hot. The instruments are tough but they're still musical instruments and not toys and need to be treated with respect. 

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