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Egg Shaker

Egg Shaker


A natural mahogany egg shaker. Our egg shakers have designs burnt onto them which were created by Balinese primary school children.


Availible in three sizes!

Small/ EY = 5cm

Medium = 7cm

Large = 9cm

Our fabulous egg shakers are great for everyone. Young children seem to particularly like these, especially when there are a collection of them.


  • What am I?

    An egg shaker is a hand percussion instrument, in the idiophone category, that makes a noise when shaken, usually by hand. Functionally it is similar to a maraca. Typically the outer casing or container is oval or egg-shaped. It is partially full of small, loose objects, such as seeds or beads, which create the percussive sounds as they collide, both with each other and with the inside surface of the container.

  • How to play me.

    Just shake it. Try one in each hand for a challenge. If you shake it from end to end, it will make a different sound from if you shake it from side to side. If you want to get it really in time hold the egg loosely-ish in your fist and use the natural movement of your elbow joint to get a more regular shake happening. This will produce a more in time shake than with your wrist movement.  


    In fact egg shakers can be played in a number of ways: for the loudest sound hold lightly in the fingertips and shake; for a more subdued sound, hold firmly in the palm of the hand. You can also knock two eggs together to produce a percussive effect. Hold an egg with its narrow end in the palm of each hand and knock the wider ends together, cupping the hands together as you do so. The more you cup your hands, the lower the knocking sound produced.

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