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Baby's Treasure Bag

Baby's Treasure Bag


This small and beautifully formed instrument collection is a part of our very own Little Birdsong Collection.


The bag contains four musical instruments that your little one will love!


Mini Djembe (Small)

Mini djembes are ideal for young children. They are easy to handle and carry.


Heart Shaker

These little gems are created with non-toxic beads inside to make a soft wooshy sound when gently shaken.


Egg Shaker (Small)

A natural mahogany egg shakers are great for everyone. Young children seem to particularly like these, especially when there are a collection of them.


Maraca (Small)

This is the Small egg on a stick and is finished in natural linseed oil and has no paint or varnish.


Depending on stocks available we may need to make adjustments from time to time. However the quality and value for money will always be reflected in any changes.

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