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"Collaboration with funders to show how music impacts on early development, communication and wellbeing. "

Collaboration with funders to show how music impacts on early development, communication and wellbeing.  Some of our research papers can be found on


Research and case studies depend on external funders without whom we could not realise our long-term vision of maximising life-skills through music. If you are a funder, philanthropist or would like to support music study please Get in touch

Queensmill Universal Final Report

2015, funded by Universal Music
A music composition and performance project for young people with Autism and additional needs

Words May Sing

2013-14, funded by Youth Music
A speech, language and music project for children with language delay in two library sites.

Enabling Young Children with Autism through Musical Engagement 

2013, A detailed action research report looking at how music can benefit and support learning in young children with Autism.

Musical responses in 3-6 yrs with profound cognitive impairment

2013, funded by Youth Music.
A research project exploring musical learning in young children with profound cognitive and multi-sensory impairment.

Instrumental Extravaganza Day

2012, funded by EMI Sound Foundation
The aim of this project was to give children the chance to try different instruments, and to learn to compose and performance as a group.

Musical beginnings in a young baby 

2011, A fascinating case study looking at how a baby responds to music and movement. The outcome confirms to us that babies are intrinsically musical.

How do young deaf children respond to different sounds?

2010, This research explores the different responses that partial and profoundly deaf young children make to a range of different instrumental sounds.

Observing young deaf children in musical play

2008, funded by LEYMN
A case study to show how music can facilitate communicative learning in children with profound and partial deafness.

Music Start 

2008, funded by Youth Music
Piloting new resources for music making with very young children. The responses from participating groups were recorded with feedback given by the music specialist.

The Bridge Academy Music Project

2007-9, funded by BBC Children in Need
This two year project was to encourage musical learning and achievement in young people at a pupil referral unit.

Boogie Babies 

2007, funded by Sound Connections
This snapshot report confirms the communicative benefits that music plays with vulnerable families and young children, citing the need for similar models to be adopted.

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