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Our annual summer concert will be held on Sunday 23rd June 2019. As usual the pupils will be divided  between private tuition (all lessons that take place at home) and In House (All the pupils that have lessons here at our school).


Private Pupils
Doors open at 9.30am
Concert starts: 10am


In House Pupils
Doors open at 11.45am
Group Tuition: 12 noon


The concerts should be fore approximately for 60 minutes.


What is the Music House for Children’s Summer Concert?
Every year we invite both Group and Private tuition pupils to attend their very own concert recital at Bush Hall, our sister company. The concert is a formal event, therefore we ask both pupils and teachers to look their best. We also ask that all teachers donate their time by attending the Summer Concert for the full duration to fully support not only your students but all students.


Children are allowed to perform one piece of music. We must be strict on a one-piece policy in order to give as many children the opportunity to perform. The piece must be no longer than 1 minute.

The lessons in the first half of the Summer Term usually focus on learning the piece for the concert. For group classes, please let us know if you want the class to perform together or individually. We recommend that each pupil performs individually, however if you need to accompany your student, that’s fine. Please note that we welcome beginners to participate however, all pupils must be 5+ years.


Registration for the Summer Concert will start the first week back of the Summer Term, please encourage parents to sign up as there are limited places. The deadline is Monday 3rd June.  There is a fee for group pupils of £5, they will already be aware of this. Private tuition pupils do not need to pay as the fee is included in their registration fee when signing up.

The school rooms will be available to practice before each concert starts, if you would like to use one of the rooms, please let us know in advance.

All teachers must send a complete list of the pieces each pupil will perform to Jess by Monday 17th June. 

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